PipelineDeals revamps their Customer Success program with Totango in 28 days

November 17, 2015

PipelineDeals, a customer relationship management and sales CRM solution, helps sales teams organize, track, and manage their deals, leads, and contacts. With PipelineDeals, sales teams can close deals faster and customers can expect to be set up within minutes rather than weeks or months. 


Unlike other CRM solutions, customers can set up and begin using PipelineDeals in a matter of minutes.  With many customers signing up and using the product immediately, the team needs to know how each free trial and paid account is doing right away in order to nurture them to success.   

Previously, PipelineDeals was using a customer communication platform to manage customer engagement and nurturing.  However, it did not allow them to have an overview of each customer account and be able to determine account health and other reporting functionality.


The team decided to replace their existing solution with a Customer Success Platform that could give them real-time data on all of their customers and be able to communicate with individual users based on actions taken or not taken inside the application.  

Their requirements included:

  • A go-live date of under 30 days to ensure smooth migration from the existing system and no pause in the Customer Success team’s operations or reporting
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) and availability of a Customer Success Engineer (CSE) as required
  • Out-of-the-box requirements:
    • Integrate with Zuora, Zendesk, and other software platforms
    • Sync any tasks and other activities with PipelineDeals software
    • Pull customer and account data from PipelineDeals via API 


PipelineDeals selected Totango as their Customer Success Platform because it met all of their requirements and more. The Totango Customer Success team worked with Jake Werlin, Customer Success Manager, on setting the timeline and determining key milestones and outputs.  

The team began by mapping out the PipelineDeals customer journey and mapping four basic workflows/processes within Totango to track.  The company had established key outcomes that they wanted to achieve and track.  They set up monitors and alerts for each of these outcomes.  Additionally, the team used the Totango Integration Hub to set up links with Zuora and Zendesk and other systems in a matter of minutes.  

According to Jake Werlin, “Having a CSM and a CSE from Totango working together on our implementation was essential in decreasing the time to get technical questions answered quickly.  We had regularly scheduled calls and an agreed upon calendar that kept both teams on track.  The team was knowledgeable and guided the process in a way that got us live and using Totango in less than our planned time.”


Our customer success team is always excited to talk through best practices and offer any guidance, feel free to reach out to us.




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