Vimeo - Understanding Customer Success

  • Customer Success Manifesto1:58

    Customer Success Manifesto

    We are living in a a new world! Customer First Manifesto

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  • Why Customer Success Is The Next Big Thing1:11

    Why Customer Success Is The Next Big Thing

    Today the subscription business model has made the software industry a services business where you need to consistently make your customers happy and deliver recurring value.

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  • Data Scientist1:35

    Data Scientist

    Data by itself is meaningless. Data becomes valuable when it provides insights that allows us to understand what is happening, and if so desired enables us to take the right action.

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  • Design Criteria for a Customer Success Solution0:54

    Design Criteria for a Customer Success Solution

    Design Criteria for your customer success solution are: 1) it must provide real time insight, 2) it must allow you to segment the data into meaningful groups, and 3) it must help you to Identify lead

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  • Customer Marketing and Advocacy2:06

    Customer Marketing and Advocacy

    Existing customers make up the bulk of your recurring revenue - up to 80%! Did you know it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to upsell or retain an existing one? Think o

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  • Impacting Churn Before It Happens1:36

    Impacting Churn Before It Happens

    Any company who has an online service, eventually experiences churn. It’s important to know is that churn is a lagging indicator. By the time a customer churns, it is too late to reverse the course.

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  • Impacting Customer Success1:58

    Impacting Customer Success

    The SaaS model depends on expansion and upsell after the initial sale. Today customer success is very reactive. In the future customer success will be the ability of a company to proactively reach-o

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  • Impacting Trial Conversion2:09

    Impacting Trial Conversion

    It’s a well-known fact that, today, customers are not responding to traditional marketing the way they used to. Buyers are increasingly researching products and services on their own. Buyers are typi

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  • How to Create A Customer Journey1:59

    How to Create A Customer Journey

    Need to drive value to customers, for this we can create an use a customer journey, with different stages such as: - Trial Conversion - Onboarding - Build value - Expand value Key points in this proc

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