Jobvite takes a data-driven approach to reducing churn and improving upsells

September 22, 2015

Jobvite, a leading social recruiting and application tracking software platform, helps companies hire new employees quickly and efficiently. Companies rely on Jobvite to help them build a high-quality pipeline of candidates for job openings and to make it easy for the hiring manager to manage the hiring process in one easy-to-use solution.  


In 2013 Jobvite experienced exponential growth in their customer base.  However, as they were growing they realized that they had limited visibility into their customer base other than basic CRM information. They had limited information on whether their software actually made it easier for managers to recruit and hire new positions.  This became more of a challenge when their Customer Success team had too many accounts to manage and were unable to know how their customers were faring with the solution – as in who was doing well and who needed help. This eventually manifested itself in a growing number of churning customers and missed opportunities for upsells. 


The Jobvite team realized that they needed an effective and scalable way to monitor all of their customers and track if they were getting the results that they expected with Jobvite’s software. David Lahey, VP of Customer Success, set out to find a solution to their challenges in early 2013.

Their key criteria for selecting the solution included the following:

  • Collect real-time product engagement data on each customer and implement an accurate health score to group customers into good, average, and poor health.
  • Begin collecting customer analytics data to determine whether customers were filling jobs with Jobvite, and to find common characteristics among churned customers and among customers that expanded their Jobvite subscription.
  • Provide customer success managers with alerts and insights on customers that are in poor health in order to take proactive action to get them back on the right track.

After evaluating multiple tools they initially selected a solution (not Totango). However, that solution did not meet their key criteria due to a few reasons:

  • No out-of-the-box application data collection. Jobvite's engineering resources had to deliver this data to the solution and it ended up being a very labor-intensive integration process for them. Instead of getting real-time data, they ended up getting customer engagement and usage data only on a monthly basis.  
  • Inaccurate health scores.  The other solution relied primarily on CRM data such as customer satisfaction scores and customer support history to formulate a health score.
  • Since product engagement data, utilization data and business outcomes data were not incorporated into the health score, they realized that their health scores were inaccurate with many churning customers listed as being in good health.  
  • No customer analytics and insights. The solution served more as a project management tool for the team and was not helpful in determining where customers were falling behind and why.

In August 2013, Jobvite switched to Totango because they needed a Customer Success Platform that collects real-time application data "out-of-the-box." This made it easier for Jobvite to create more accurate health scores, have up-to-date customer analytics, and a better way to determine reasons customers churned or bought more. Totango’s solution went beyond their initial requirements by giving them the ability to map their customer success processes to different stages of the hiring journey from sourcing candidates to engaging, screening, and interviewing candidates, to finally extending an offer and hiring a candidate.


After implementing Totango, Jobvite was able to gather and access customer engagement data across their entire customer base within a matter of weeks. They leveraged the different data to create a more well-rounded and accurate health score that allowed the customer success team to properly identify and respond to their at-risk customers. At the same time, their renewal team was able to identify healthy customers with potential for upsell.  

The insights that were supplied by Totango enabled the team to determine why customers were falling behind in the onboarding process and to set up a more formalized onboarding process with content that helped customers move onto easily using the product. Using Totango, the Jobvite customer success team has been able to understand why customers churn and put into place processes to better combat those factors. In addition, the renewals team has been able to more effectively drive upsells by not only targeting the right customers, but also having the right data to show the customers why expanding their subscription is better for their business.  

Ultimately, the team has the right data driving their decisions and as a result they have reduced churn rates and created more a more successful customer base.


Our customer success team is always excited to talk through best practices and offer any guidance, feel free to reach out to us.



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