Wiredrive increased recurring revenue by 60 percent with Totango

July 11, 2016 Guy Nirpaz

Wiredrive helps over 1,500 customers around the world share media and collaborate more effectively. Companies like Nike, ABC, and Cisco are using Wiredrive to share large files and collaborate on creative production projects.


The customer success team at Wiredrive manages everything after the sale is closed, from customer onboarding to preventing churn. With 1500+ customers, including 500+ high-touch enterprise accounts, and aggressive customer revenue goals, it has been difficult for their team to focus and prioritize their work. With an overwhelming volume of tasks, the customer success team feared that accounts were falling through the cracks. At the same time, they had trouble knowing which customers needed attention immediately and how to provide meaningful customer interactions at scale. 


Getting Visibility Into The Customer Journey

Rob Deutsche, former Wiredrive Customer Success Team Lead, decided to use Totango to help build process and prioritization for his team. Using the Executive Console Health Feature, he was able to segment customers based on specific landmarks in their customer journey.

Wiredrive’s Customer Health Console in Totango

The result was an easy view into how every account was progressing in their customer journey, from the initial onboarding to pre-renewal check-ins. After connecting the dots of their customer journey, Wiredrive started using two other powerful Totango features: SuccessPlays and Campaigns.


Establishing Automated Processes

SuccessPlays are operational programs and activities that are automatically triggered as customers progress through their customer journey. For example, Wiredrive identified the first 21 days of onboarding as critical in the relationship. Totango makes it possible to closely monitor this customer segment and automatically assign specific, predefined tasks to the relevant customer success manager. Rob explained, “Totango helped us get to a quicker time to full onboarding (<30 days) with no clients falling through the cracks.”

Totango SuccessPlays can be used throughout the entire customer journey. For customer renewals, customer success managers are notified 180 days in advance to proactively intervene in any high-risk accounts, and NPS surveys are automatically scheduled leading up to the renewal.

Wiredrive’s SuccessPlays View in Totango

Building Value With Customer Engagements

Wiredrive is also using Totango’s Campaigns to replace their customer communication platform and improve their ability to track the impact of customer engagements.

Using Campaigns, Wiredrive has:

  • Built a campaign for customers to grow their Wiredrive subscription and increased overall application usage by nearly 20% in less than three months.
  • Reached out to customers who were not using every aspect of the product and were able to schedule 22 feature demos, increase overall usage by 12% in the first month, and drive more upsells.
  • Created a 10-point customer journey, automated milestone surveys at 21/60/90 days, and automated NPS outreach at 180 and 320 days, all within the same platform.

Wiredrive’s Campaigns View in Totango

Driving Impact With Totango

With more visibility and clarity, the customer success team at Wiredrive has more control and accountability for their book of business. Rob explains, “No longer is Wiredrive doing pointless check-ins. The changes have lead to tremendous successes so far and a more focused approach to addressing exactly what the client needs at that specific point in time.” 

Beyond their success with SuccessPlays and Campaigns, Wiredrive has:

  • Completed two record-setting quarters for upsell, increasing yearly additional monthly recurring revenue by over 60% YoY. All this while onboarding 20 new clients per month and managing their existing client base.
  • Saved an average of 4 hrs/month in data analysis and 25+ hrs/week in outreach using automated upsell reporting through Totango. This has allowed the team to focus on high value touches, trainings, and consultations.

Wiredrive has already accomplished a lot with Totango in a short time frame and is looking forward to expanding and building out more team efficiency, increasing product consumption and growing more customer revenue.

Our customer success team is always excited to talk through best practices and offer any guidance, feel free to reach out to us.




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