What it Really Means to Build a Customer Culture

June 26, 2017

Whether you call it customer centricity, customer obsession, or customer focused, putting the customer at the center of your company is the right business approach. In order to be customer centric, however, your organization must operate within a strong, pervasive customer culture that supports the business approach. But what exactly is a customer culture and how do you build it?

Hear from two industry thought leaders, Claire Burge, CEO of This Is Productivity, and Omer Gotlieb, Co-founder of Totango, to learn: 

  • The specific cultural changes required to truly embrace customer-centricity -The processes and systems required for customer-centric culture
  • The mind-shifts individual team players need to make toward customer-centricity For recurring revenue businesses, your business success is directly tied to your customer's success.
  • Make sure you attend this webinar to build the right customer culture for your company.
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