Sysomos Differentiates with Great Customer Experiences

May 20, 2015 Amanda Saunders

Sysomos is a social media analytics and monitoring solution that provides context to the hundreds of millions of online conversations happening every day. Marketers rely on the Sysomos social intelligence platform to learn what their customers are saying and to understand the impact on their business. 


The market for social media tools is fast growing and packed with competition. As a player in this space, Sysomos knew that they needed to compete with more than just a great product; they also had to offer great support and best practices to their customers in this emerging market. They had an account management function coupled with a dispersed group of support specialists who would work with the customers on different tasks. This led to complexity and confusion, with customers having no idea who to talk to when they had questions. Additionally, Sysomos had seen a steady rate of churn throughout the years and needed to understand why customers were actually leaving so they could put programs in place to mitigate it.


At the end of 2013, Jeff Cann, Sr. Director of Client Experiences was tasked with implementing a new Customer Success strategy that would allow them to reduce customer churn, grow revenue from within their existing customer base, and differentiate themselves from their competitors. In addition to looking at their team structure, Jeff knew that the fundamental element the team was missing was clear visibility into customers, how they were progressing along the customer journey, and whether or not they were realizing benefits from the Sysomos solution. Without these critical insights, the team was not able to work effectively and scale to cover its thousands of customers. 

Jeff was tasked with finding a customer success tool that would help Sysomos on a number of key fronts:

  • Monitor customer engagement from product usage
  • Measure results customers were experiencing from the solution
  • Compute a predictive health rating for every customer that could be shared company wide
  • Allow the team to better engage with customers with the right content at the right time

In early 2014, after an extensive evaluation of Customer Success platforms, Sysomos decided to move forward with a solution from Totango. 


After deploying the new Customer Success solution from Totango, Sysomos was able to drastically improve customer experience and reduce churn. The company put in place a health scoring system -- combining usage data, NPS, and customer engagement with their communications -- to guide the team in knowing which customers need attention and why. Using Totango, Sysomos has also been able to understand the key factors that result in renewals and customer growth, allowing the company to iterate on its health score to make it more reliable in predicting churn. Since establishing this health scoring system, Sysomos was able to reduce their overall churn rate by 25% in just one year.

In addition to implementing a health score, Sysomos has also benefitted in scaling their customer success efforts through automation.  Armed with insights and intelligence on customer engagement, the company is able to execute time based and action based in-product and email campaigns that guide users through the customer journey.

If you’re interested to learn more about how Totango can help you improve your Customer Success strategy, you can find more in-depth resources here at:

Additionally, our customer success team is always excited to talk through best practices and offer any guidance, feel free to reach out to us.



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