Central Desktop increases revenue with predictive and proactive customer success

May 21, 2015 Amanda Saunders

Central Desktop is a SaaS collaboration tools that helps project teams work together with customers and share content in the cloud. Founded in 2005, they serve more than half a million users worldwide.


Central Desktop has a bold vision; they want to “turn email hell into work-together heaven.”  But the company had a big challenge when it came to working with its own customers.  They were frequently blindsided by customers deciding to leave because they hadn’t seen enough value from the service. Churn was particularly troubling given how easily customers could unsubscribe or downgrade through the online service. The company knew it could stop such customer losses if only they had early visibility into these at-risk accounts. But with thousands of customers, it was impossible to get ahead of the curve and know which customers needed their attention. 


That’s why Mark Fordham, Vice President of Services, and Katie Gaston, Community and Operations Manager, led the charge to look for technology that could help solve their churn problem. They wanted a solution that could predict which customers were in poor health so that the company could then engage with the right customers at the right time with the right type of help to turn them around.  After looking at their past customer data, Central Desktop found that one of the best signals of happy, renewing customers was active engagement inside the service. Unfortunately their customer teams at Central Desktop had zero visibility into their customers’ behavior.

Central Desk knew they needed to implement a customer success tool that:

  • Monitored customer engagement from product usage data
  • Provided a predictive health rating that could be easily understood
  • Scored customer engagement in order to determine which customers needed attention


After implementing a Customer Success solution from Totango, Central Desktop was able to identify at-risk accounts in time to be able to make difference. Customer segmentation and predictive analytics helped Central Desktop reduce their overall churn rate by ten percentage points in just over one year. They have been able to pinpoint key indicators of a healthy (or unhealthy) account or whether an account will renew (or not). For example, they uncovered five key features that indicate customer “stickiness” and retention. Successful and healthy accounts have high utilization in at least two of these key features, with engagement in two features equating to a forty percent higher retention rate. This type of data has led them to promote relevant product capabilities to their customers -- accelerating the retention rate by educating their customer base with contextual and actionable content.

Additionally, Central Desktop is now able to uncover critical insights on individual users and their behavior.  Armed with this intelligence, the company is able to execute highly targeted and personalized campaigns to help specific users become more productive using the company’s collaboration tool.

If you’re interested to learn more about how Totango can help you improve your Customer Success strategy, you can find more in-depth resources here at: http://www.totango.com/resources/

Our customer success team is always excited to talk through best practices and offer any guidance, feel free to reach out to us.




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